Product Safety

To avoid serious injury or death follow some basic safety rules:
Before operating equipment read, understand and review annually:
Operators manual Safety signs

Avoid fall off: Operate only with ROPS and seat belt equipped tractors.

Before dismounting tractor: Lower mower to ground Allow moving parts to stop Stop engine Set brake Remove key for unattended equipment

Rotating blades & drive line: KEEP AWAY Keep guards and shields in place and in good repair Allow no riders on tractor Allow moving parts to stop before repair

Thrown object hazard: * Before mowing, clear mowing area of debris * Do not mow with bystanders in area Raised mower hazard: Securely support the mower before working underneath. Lock up raised wings before transport. Do not mow in raised or transport position.

Highway transport: Transport with clean reflectors, SMV and lights as required by Federal, State, and local laws.

Safety is important to responsible owners and operators of rotary mowers.

SAFETY is a primary concern in the design, manufacture, sale, and use of post-hole diggers. As manufacturers of post-hole diggers, we want to confirm to you, our customers, and our concern for safety. We also want to remind you about the simple, basic, and common sense rules of safety when using a post-hole digger. Failure to follow these rules can result in serious injury or death to operators or bystanders.

IT IS ESSENTIAL that everyone involved in the assembly, operation, transport maintenance, and storage of this equipment be aware, concerned, prudent, and properly trained in safety. The majority of accidents occur in entanglement in the drive line or auger. This entanglement risk becomes greater when you replace our shear bolts with bolts longer than bolts specified by the manufacturer. This improper replacement occurs mostly on machines that are loaned or rented to someone who has not read the owners manual and is not familiar with the post-hole digger.

Our current production machines include, as standard equipment, guards or shields for auger adapters, drive lines, input shafts, and safety signs. Older machines can be retrofitted to add these new guards or shields, and of course, safety signs. If you have an older machine which does not have standard safety equipment please contact your dealer about bringing your machine up to the current level of safety.

Below are some of the most important safety rules to be understood and followed by anyone who works with post hole diggers:

Before operating a post hole digger, an operator must read and understand all of the information in the owners manual and the safety signs attached to the product. A person who has not read and understood the owners manual and safety signs is not qualified to operate.

Safety is important to you! Why? Accidents disable and kill Accidents cost Accidents can be avoided

Safety is the manufacturers primary concern in design, manufacture, sale and use of rotary mowers.

In addition to the equipment design & configuration, hazard control & accident prevention are dependent upon the owner's operator's awareness, concern prudence proper training in the operation, transport, maintenance and storage of equipment.

Accidents have occurred by: Unqualified operators attempting to use rented or loaned rotary mowers. Being entangled in moving parts of drive lines by failure to maintain or keep guards shields in place over exposed rotating parts. Hitting bystanders with thrown objects by mowing with bystanders in area or failure to maintain or keep discharge reflectors or guards in place. Riders or operators not using seat belts, falling off machine & being run over by equipment. Not stopping engines & allowing moving parts to stop before adjustments, repairs, or maintenance operations. Raised mower wing falling on person working underneath by failure to securely support or block up the mower.

Contact your dealer today to replace any missing or damaged drive line & discharge shielding or guard, safety signs operators manual. Also, consider ROPS and seat belt installation for non-equipped tractors.

This rotary mower safety message was composed by the Mower Manufacturer's Council a committee of the Farm Equipment Manufacturer's Association.

  • Post hole diggers are designed for one-man operation. You must always dig holes while sitting in the tractor seat. Never operate the digger with anyone near, or in contact with any part of the implement, PTO drive line, or auger. Accidents have occurred when more than one person is in the immediate area of the operating equipment. Be sure no one else, including bystanders, is near you when you operate this product.
  • Do not operate unless all the shields and guards are in place.
  • Never replace the shear bolt or auger retaining bolt with one longer than those supplied and specified by the manufacturer. See your owner's manual.

Do not use the digger unless the auger point and cutting edges are intact and in good working order. Following these simple, basic safety rules, as well as others identified in the owner's manual and in product safety signs, will help minimize the possibility of accidents and increase your productivity in using the product. Be careful and make sure that everyone who operates the digger knows and understands that it is a very powerful piece of machinery, and if used improperly, serious injury or death may result, The final responsibility for safety rests with the operator of this machine.