CJ Howse - Young Entrepreneur     C. J. Howse, a native of Laurel, MS, returned home in the 1940’s after being honorably discharged from the United States Navy. He began working for his father in the family-owned farm equipment dealership and over the next 14-plus years, matured into a talented, successful, self-taught engineer and salesman.

     In January 1964 he created HOWSE Implement with a small loan obtained from the First National Bank of Laurel, MS, and by working in conjunction with Laurel Machinery and Foundry he was able to design, manufacture and deliver his first agricultural equipment orders. As he delivered the new equipment, additional orders were solicited; thus the sell-manufacture-deliver cycle began.

CJ Howse - Young Entrepreneur     Ben and Barry Howse began working in the family business at the ages of 11 and 9. Their father taught them the basics of welding, painting, manufacturing and selling agricultural equipment during their internship. Both Ben and Barry progressed through various positions within the Company, with varying and continually-increasing responsibilities.

     Between 1972 and 1980, numerous building expansions and equipment purchases were completed to modernize and expand the business. Also, during this time period, HOWSE Implement was incorporated and became HOWSE Implement Company, Inc. Officers included C.J. Howse – President and Chairman of the Board, Barbara Howse - Secretary and Treasurer, and Ben and Barry Howse - Vice Presidents.

CJ Howse - Young Entrepreneur     Ben Howse was appointed Company President in 1986, and under his leadership further infrastructure expansion was initiated. Company growth continued, and in 1997 C.J. Howse and wife Barbara announced their intention to retire. Sons Ben and Barry Howse purchased the Company and a new Corporation was formed known as HOWSE Enterprises, Inc. Company growth accelerated, and in 2003 a new powder coat paint line was installed, a new tool and die shop was constructed, and various automated systems and fixtures and processes were put into place.

     Product development has remained at the forefront of the business throughout the Company’s history, as illustrated by the 2005 release of a 15.5’ Commercial Grade Flex Wing Cutter. Manufacturing capacity, a key component of the Company’s continued growth and success, was again increased in 2006 with a $6,000,000 investment in facilities and equipment.

     The Company celebrated its 50th birthday in 2014 as a manufacturer of agricultural, industrial, commercial and recreational equipment. Company growth and success continues, and throughout its history can primarily be attributed to having the right products, at the right time, at the right place, and at the right price.